Popup pages

Part of the filter functionality is available via so-called popup pages. These are popup windows that can be called via context menu of filter's system tray icon.

Unlike property pages of DirectShow filter, they are not bound to particular instance of the filter object and represent various aspects of filter binary module in total. I.e. if there are multiple Youtube Source filters in the graph, their state will be represented by single page.

Popup pages remember their state (opened or closed) and restore it on next run. You also can force specific pages to be shown automatically using preferences General Popup pages to show automatically.

At this moment there are available three popup pages: Analysis Cache, Activity and Log.

Analysis Cache

Analysis Cache is similar to Formats property page except that it shows info about all videos analyzed by filter module, when Formats property page shows info about single video sourced by the filter object for which that page is invoked.

This page consists of tree control containing all videos analyzed by the filter module. Child nodes of track elements in the tree represent all streams found during the analysis. Using tree context menu one can filter what streams to display.

Context menu item Properties composes a report containing full list of properties known for selected stream. These properties are used when selecting stream via criteria.


This popup page visualizes connections currently opened by the filter.

Visualization includes indication of already downloaded data, opened connections (there can be more than one for single file), readers for this file (multiple readers can read single file at the same time) and overall download speed.


This popup page combines various diagnostic information appearing during the filter work.

Using context menu one can select logging severity for different subsystems of the filter and start/stop log recording to a file. Recording option is permanent i.e. log recording state is retained on next run.

Help Popup pages